Guided Video Tour of NetBeans IDE 6.0

The 6.0 release includes significant enhancements and new features, including a completely rewritten editor infrastructure, support for additional languages, new productivity features, and a simplified installation process that allows you to easily install and configure the IDE to meet your exact needs.

Time: 6:01
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Java Editing Enhancements

This demo shows some of the enhancements and new features in the NetBeans IDE's Java editor, including code completion, code insertion, editor hints, occurrence highlighting, and inline rename. You'll also see the diff viewer, local history, runtime configurations, and some windowing tricks.


Time: 7:00
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Profiling Points, Drill Down Graph, Heap Walker

This demo shows three of the new profiler features in the NetBeans IDE: a drill down graph that makes it easier to see which categories your application is spending time in, profiling points that allow you to control the profiler's actions from within your application, and a heap walker for tracking down memory leaks.

Time: 5:46
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Swing Application Framework and Beans Binding

The Swing Application Framework (JSR 296) and the Beans Binding Framework (JSR 295) provide support for common operations in Java applications. This demo shows how the NetBeans IDE makes it easy to quickly build a desktop application with these frameworks.


Time: 6:44
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Visual Mobile Designer and Web Services

This demo starts with a simple MIDP application on a mobile phone, and adds access to a web service for authorization. Several of the new Visual Mobile Designer features are used while modifying the application.