Getting Started With XML Schema Tools

This document is a starting point for the tutorials that take you through the basics of using the XML schema tools available in the 6.0 release of NetBeans IDE. The XML schema tools available in this release allow you to visualize and edit XML schemas.

The XML schema tools focus on complex information display and real-world use issues (for example, scalable visualization and editing of massive XML schemas). In addition, the XML schema tools reduce the complexity of creating and editing XML schemas, thus allowing someone who is not a schema expert to create and modify XML schema and other XML documents. Using the XML schema tools, you can reference external schemas and use advanced queries to analyze your schemas.


  Content on this page applies to the NetBeans 6.0 IDE

Tutorial Requirements

Before you proceed, make sure you review the requirements in this section.


The XML schema tools tutorials assume that you have some knowledge of, and experience with XML (Extensible Markup Language).

Software Needed for This Tutorial

Before you begin, you need to install the following software on your computer: